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Concrete Placement, LLC

Retail, Commercial, Industrial, Municipal, Residential.

Our full-service approach provides you with outstanding efficiency, flexibility, and service. As a full service concrete contractor, Concrete Placement offers a variety of concrete construction and related services to meet your needs, including:

Construction Services

  • Structural excavation and backfill
  • Concrete formwork
  • Concrete foundations and walls
  • Concrete building slabs and structures
  • Concrete reinforcement installation
  • Concrete placement and finish
  • Stamped, decorative, and colored concrete


  • Safety, quality, productivity management
  • Materials procurement and logistics
  • Field engineering
  • Scheduling

Preconstruction Services

  • Conceptual estimating
  • Project scheduling
  • Design assist and value engineering
  • Technical and constructability reviews

LEED Participation

We highly promote concrete as a valuable contributor to LEED projects and work with our clients to maximize LEED points. Because each project has specific characteristics, we create individual plans to contribute to meeting the requirements and needs of each specific project.